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Not sure how often I'll post here, still exploring the site. But I mostly read fantasy and science fiction, so that will be most of what I discuss.

Two Serpents Rise - Max Gladstone

I was fortunate enough to acquire an ARC of Two Serpents Rise at Comic-Con -- and to get it signed! So that's the copy I have to read, not the hardcover. Can't find an option to add ARCs of books, though.

Animal Husbandry - Laura Zigman Not bad, although I admit I sometimes got distracted by the differences between it and the movie, which I had seen first and like a bit better.

A Local Habitation (October Daye Series #2)

A Local Habitation - Seanan McGuire I bounced off the first October Daye book because I found the character too...beat-down? I finally gave the second book a try because so many people I know love the series, and I did find this one worked better for me. Toby is more sure-footed, at lesst in the beginning. Tonally I found a strong similarity with the Kate Daniels series, which I love.
The President's Vampire  - Christopher Farnsworth Farnsworth's been hitting it out of the park with this series. I don't consider myself a thriller fan, generally, but I've devoured both books in single sittings, forgetting to do things like, yanno, eat.
Midnight Riot - Ben Aaronovitch One of my favorite series, with an engaging main character and a vivid sense of place (essential to well-written urban fantasy, IMHO). I am recommending these books to everyone I know who likes the genre.
Hounded - Kevin Hearne The narrative voice is very engaging, and there are a lot of clever and/or funny bits courtesy of the main character and his telepathic dog. But I reached the end and felt a bit disappointed that the character didn't really grow or learn anything over the course of the book. He's sort of an eternal magical fratboy. This may just be the downside of having a two-century-old main character; whatever growing he hasn't done by now, he's not likely to do, I guess. Friends I've spoken with who also read the book weren't bothered by this and have all expressed an interest in continuing with the series, so it's definitely a YMMV thing.
Fair Game - Josh Lanyon Good book, although I felt the last ~50 pages or so were rushed, and the whodunit reveal rather forced. But the main/viewpoint character is likable and sympathetic, and his evolving relationship with his ex was engaging.
The Magicians - Lev Grossman Has probably been described as "a grown-up Harry Potter". Interesting premise, but I found main/viewpoint character often unlikeable. I think my favorite thing about the book is how well it captures being young and very school-smart, and the ways that experience shapes you -- for better and for worse. I also liked the pastiche of the Narnia books that all the characters have read, which becomes more important later on.

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