Strix's Shelves

Not sure how often I'll post here, still exploring the site. But I mostly read fantasy and science fiction, so that will be most of what I discuss.

Currently reading

Beyond Duty
S.J.D. Peterson
The Kingdom of Gods
N.K. Jemisin
Casket of Souls
Lynn Flewelling
Throne of the Crescent Moon
Saladin Ahmed
The Alchemist of Souls
Anne Lyle
The Killing Moon
N.K. Jemisin
The Serpent Sea
Martha Wells
Steam-Powered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories
'Mike Allen', 'N.K. Jemisin', 'Matthew Kressel', 'Shira Lipkin', 'Rachel Manija Brown', 'Sara M. Harvey', 'Meredith Holmes', 'Georgina Bruce', 'Beth Wodzinski'
Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress XXVI
Elisabeth Waters